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Welcome to the big supermarket with the hometown grocery store feel.

We are neighbors and convenient, however, very well equipped and affordable. We have a variety of foods and products typically represent American culture merge, however, that cater to the business needs of each individual family.

Our History is a Life Story

Proudly Serving You

Throughout 30 years of extraordinary service to the public, We have earned a unique reputation for Top Value.

Making Our Community a Destination

We are a privately owned business, run to this day by the Cuban American family that started the Presidente enterprise some 30 years ago. The life experience of our immigrant founders provides us with a special understanding of the everyday customer and how to fashion our inventory to their satisfaction. It is of the greatest importance to us that our stores provide what our customers seek, at the prices our customers expect.

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From The President’s Desk
Founders and Executives

Presidente Supermarkets was founded in Miami, Florida in 1990. The family owned businesses were started in the Tri-State area by the Rodriguez and Marin Family back in the 1980’s. Pedro O. Rodriguez, a Cuban immigrant with a family history of grocery stores in Cuba, began his small grocery business ventures in the early 1980’s with Economy#1 and Economy#2 Grocery and La Roca Supermarkets. Shortly after Pedro Rodriguez and Manuel Marin joined ventures and created Extra Supermarkets which are still our sister supermarkets in the state of New jersey. After a successful run in the East Coast, the partners decided to expand their growing businesses to the state of Florida,  opening the first Presidente Supermarkets in 1990. Today, Presidente Supermarkets have grown to operate close to 30 stores across Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County. Several stores are scheduled to open in the next 2 years. The great success of Presidente Supermarkets chain, is based on a constant monitoring of operations by its owners, a strong policy of price control, and an outstanding quality of produce and excellent customer service. After 30 years in the business, Presidente Supermarkets is one of the largest Hispanic Supermarkets in the United States.