Who We Are

Welcome to Presidente Supermarket – the big supermarket with the small, hometown feel.

We are neighbors and convenient, however, very well equipped and affordable. We have a variety of foods and products typically represent American culture merge, however, that cater to the business needs of each individual family.

Happy Shopper with Grocery Bag
Our History is a Life Story
Making Our
Community a

We are a privately-owned business, run to this day by the Cuban American family that started the Presidente Supermarket enterprise 30 years ago. The life experience of our immigrant founders provides us with a special understanding of the everyday customer and how to fashion our inventory to their satisfaction. It is of the greatest importance to us that our stores provide what our customers seek, at the prices our customers expect.

The Presidente Supermarket

Presidente Supermarkets was founded in 1990.

The family business was built on providing the highest quality produce and the best customer service at prices that working-class families could afford. That strategy has led to the company’s ongoing success. Today, Presidente Supermarkets operates nearly 30 stores from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County. Our family of supermarkets is projected to add another 15 stores by 2020. This rate of growth over the last 30 years has made Presidente Supermarkets one of the largest Hispanic-owned supermarkets in the United States..